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Pro Cure

Pro Cure Bait Oils

Pro Cure Bait Oils are made from real whole fresh bait, these pure uncut oils are the most powerful in the industry. The bait oils are enhanced with powerful antioxidants to assure fresh, quality scent and potent fish-attracting flavor. Oils can be used to marinate baits in, or inject into baits, or squirt onto live bait or lures. Potent bite stimulants have also been added to attract even the most reluctant fish.

PCAPro Cure Pure Anise Oil 2 ounce

Finest food grade oil available anywhere. For the guys who want the purest anise oil. Now you can make your own custom anise oil blends.
PCO-BTPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Bloody Tuna

A blend of real ground up dark tuna meat, bloody tuna powder and tuna oil blended to fish catching perfection. UV enhanced, not only are salmon fond of tuna, other game fish like it too.
PCO-CSPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Carp Spit

A blend of sweet corn, anise, fish oils and ground up night crawlers can be used as a bait marinade or blended into dough formulas.
PCO-CPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Catfish Cocktail

A powerful garlic based fish oil scent is a killer on catfish, this 'Heavy Liquid" scent emulsion sinks like a rock, then breaks up and crawls along the bottom to bring in big cats.
PCO-CUVPro Cure Bait Oil 2 ounce - Chartreuse Glow UV Baitfish

The perfect scent for any bait fish, this new liquid will add a bright chartreuse color to any baitfish. Plus itís UV enhanced so fish not only see the chartreuse color, but the UV flash as well.
PCO-FSPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Freshwater Shrimp

This scent accurately duplicates fresh water shrimp, scuds, and mysis shrimp.
PCO-GPPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Garlic Plus

Super powerful, super concentrated garlic oil blended with 5 proven fish oils. A killer scent for bass, walleye, northern pike, catfish, kokanee, salmon, steelhead and halibut.
PCO-GP8Pro Cure Bail Oil 8 ounce - Garlic Plus

Eight ounce size bottle.

PCO-HPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Herring

Pure, powerful, uncut herring oil makes this a favorite of the serious salmon anglers all over the country. Use to inject into cut baits, or to marinate into baits or squirt onto baits.
PCO-HR8Pro Cure Bail Oil 8 ounce - Herring

Eight ounce size bottle.

PCO-KPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Krill

This premium oil is a rich natural red color. It is tremendously effective used as a marinade on eggs for steelhead, trout, and salmon.
PCO-K8Pro Cure Bail Oil 8 ounce - Krill

Eight ounce size bottle.

PCO-SEPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Salmon Egg

A blend of pure salmon egg oil and salmon egg juice. Bright red color.
PCO-SE8Pro Cure Bail Oil 8 ounce - Salmon Egg

Eight ounce size bottle.

PCO-SSPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Salmon Slammer

Charged up with a massive dose of concentrated garlic oil, fish oils and powerful fish attractants and bite stimulants this scent works great eggs, cut baits, strip baits, etc
PCO-SE8Pro Cure Bail Oil 8 ounce - Salmon Slammer

Eight ounce size bottle.

PCO-SDPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Sardine

Pure raw sardine oil, the most powerful available anywhere. This stuff is a favorite of salmon anglers, striper guys, and works fantastic on Power bait for trout. Just about anything that swims will eat this oil.
PCO-SKPro Cure Bail Oil 2 ounce - Shrimp and Krill

This oil combines two of PRO-CURE's hottest oils ever into one killer blend. Proven deadly on steelhead, salmon, kokanee, trout, panfish, bass and more.
PCO-SK8Pro Cure Bail Oil 8 ounce - Shrimp and Krill

Eight ounce size bottle.


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