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Pro Cure

Pro Cure Bait Sauce and Gels

Pro Cure has the bait scent technology to process real whole fresh bait into the incredibly powerful Bait Sauce formulas. We blend real whole freshly ground bait with concentrated fish oils, powerful amino acids and bite stimulants to give you the most effective bait scents ever made. Thick oily liquid is perfect for spoons, lures, flies, stick baits, and can be squirted onto live baits as well with tremendous effectiveness.

PCG-APro Cure Gel Scent 2 ounce - Alewife

Made from real Great Lakes alewives, this is the perfect scent for spoons, tinsel flies, hoochies, bait holders, flashers, downrigger balls etc. Tested by top charter captains and tournament anglers with tremendous success.
PCG-HPro Cure Gel Scent 2 ounce - Herring

Real ground up herring in a super easy to use gel formula. Use it on plugs, spoons, spinners. A killer on salmon or anything else that eats herring.
PCG-HR8Pro Cure Gel Scent 8 ounce - Herring

Eight ounce size bottle.

PCG-NCPro Cure Gel Scent 2 ounce - Nightcrawler

Made from real whole night crawlers this scent can be used on harnesses, spinner blades, plugs, etc.
PCG-RTPro Cure Gel Scent 2 ounce - Rainbow Trout

Real hatchery rainbow trout ground up into a gel that is perfect for swim baits, plugs, soft plastics, etc. The ultimate rainbow trout scent. PS: big rainbows and brown trout love it too.
PCG-SEPro Cure Gel Scent 2 ounce - Salmon Egg

Made from real whole ground up salmon eggs. Ideal for jigs, plugs, spoons, etc.
PCG-SE8Pro Cure Gel Scent 8 ounce - Salmon Egg

Eight ounce size bottle.

PCG-SHPro Cure Gel Scent 2 ounce - Shrimp

Made from real whole shrimp and edible prawns this scent will really turn on salmon, steelhead, and trout.
PCG-SH8Pro Cure Gel Scent 8 ounce - Shrimp

Eight ounce size bottle.

PCG-SPro Cure Gel Scent 2 ounce - Smelt

If your target fish is feeding on smelt this scent is for you. Perfect for plugs, spoons, wobblers, etc.
PCG-SWCPro Cure Gel Scent 2 ounce - Sweet Craw

A killer on bass, steelhead and crappie. A fantastic combination of ground up crawfish and sweet aquatic shrimp and krill, with UV and powerful amino acid bite stimulants.

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