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Pro Cure
Comprehensive Egg Curing DVD
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

Pro-cure Comprehensive Egg Curing DVD

Pro-Cure COMPREHENSIVE EGG CURING DVD contains secrets of the Pros. There are almost 2 hours of information in this DVD that integrates great fish catching action, underwater fish scenes, and hands on, step by step egg curing techniques from 4 of the Northwest's top fishing guides. The DVD covers wet and dry cures using PRO-CURE Egg Cure, Wizard Egg Cure, Last Supper Egg Cure, borax egg cures and custom egg cures. All formulas and recipes are in writing, so the step by step footage is extremely easy to follow. From splitting skeins, cutting clusters, applying cures, adding scents to the proper long terms storage of skein eggs it's all there.

Pro-Cure president Phil Pirone shows curing single eggs for spawn sacks, tying spawn sacks, cooking single eggs for trout and kokanee, and a special segment on curing, dying and preserving sand shrimp.

After watching this DVD you soon fishing the same eggs the top guides do, and joining the 10% of the anglers who catch 90% of the fish.

PC-DVDPro-Cure Egg Curing DVD


For Fishing Tips
making spawn sacks,
collecting eggs and roe,
curing and preserving
Salmon or Trout Eggs

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