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Pro Cure

Pro Cure UV Gels and Bait Oil

Pro Cure UV Oil on Herring

Pro Cures UV liquid and bait oils can help fish find your bait. Pro Cure Bait Oils are made from real whole fresh bait, these pure uncut oils are the most powerful in the industry. The bait oils are enhanced with powerful antioxidants to assure fresh, quality scent and potent fish-attracting flavor. Oils can be used to marinate baits in, or inject into baits, or squirt onto live bait or lures. Potent bite stimulants have also been added to attract even the most reluctant fish.

PCO-CUVPro Cure Bait Oil 2 ounce - Chartreuse Glow UV Baitfish

The perfect scent for any bait fish, this new liquid will add a bright chartreuse color to any baitfish. Plus itís UV enhanced so fish not only see the chartreuse color, but the UV flash as well.

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