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Rapala Floating Minnow #11

4 3/8 inches long
The worlds best selling lure.

The first and still the number one go to lure. Lauri Rapala had no idea what impact his hand carved creation would have on the world of fishing. The wounded minnow action is irresistible to fish.
RP-F11-BPRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Bleeding Pearl

RP-F11-BRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Blue

RP-F11- TRRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Brown Trout

RP-F11-FTRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Firetiger

RP-F11-SFCRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Fl Chartreuse

RP-F11-GRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Gold

RP-F11-GFRRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Gold Fl Red

RP-F11-HSRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Hot Steel

RP-F11-PRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Perch

RP-F11-PDRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Purpledescent

RP-F11- RTRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Rainbow Trout

RP-F11-SHRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Shiner

RP-F11-SRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Silver

RP-F11-VRapala Floating Minnow #11 - Vampire


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