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Salmon and Trout Egg Cures
for preserving fresh eggs

Two different forms of Salmon and Trout Eggs

salmon egg skein

Salmon Skein

loose salmon eggs

Loose Salmon Eggs

Curing fresh caught salmon and trout eggs and skein helps to preserve the eggs for future fishing trips. Salmon and Trout eggs are like any type of fresh eggs and will spoil quickly. Freezing the uncured salmon or trout eggs or skein causes ice particles to form inside the egg. These ice particles puncture the thin membrane of the egg resulting in loss of fluids. The result is an unusable slimy mess. What is required for proper long term storage is a method to remove some of the fluid from the inside of the egg without puncturing the thin membrane that protects the egg and toughen the membrane that surrounds the egg.
    Egg Cures BookThe best natural bait in the salmon and steelhead fishing world is the egg, or roe. In this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind book, Scott Haugen looks at more than two dozen ways to cure salmon and steelhead eggs. From proper handling to following step by-step recipes and correct storage, all you need to know about curing eggs can be found in these pages.
    Pro-Cure Egg Curing DVDThe Pro-Cure Egg curing DVD integrates great fish catching action, underwater fish scenes, and hands on, step by step egg curing techniques from 4 of the Northwest's top fishing guides.
    Atlas Mikes Egg CureAtlas Mikes Shake 'N' Cure for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout Eggs.
    Atlas Mikes Spawn Sac Formula CureAtlas Mikes Spawn Sack or Single Egg Formula Cure makes preparing eggs easy and effective.
    Atlas Mikes Special Formula Borax Egg CureThis product was previously sold under the name of "Alaskan Premier Borax Egg Cure". Cure your own salmon or steelhead eggs with the Atlas Mikes Special Borax Formula.
    Pautzke Balls O Fire Egg CurePautzke Balls O Fire egg cure continues an over 70 year tradition of providing premium eggs, cures, and attractants to the trout, salmon, and steelhead world.
    Pautzke Borax O Fire Egg CurePaultzke's oldest egg curing recipes that is very effective for curing salmon and steelhead eggs.
    Pautzke Fire Power Krill PowderPautzke Fire power Krill Powder is the perfect additive for improving any curing recipe.
    Pautzke Fire Brine Liquid CurePautzke Fire Brine liquid cure are a proprietary mix of Pautzke's most tried and true curing agents and vibrant dyes, Fire Brine provides the toughening, coloring and scent agents that are the key elements of a brine.
    Pautzke Nectar LiquidPautzke Nectar scents are made from cooked salmon eggs. The scents are the natural juice that runs off the Pautzke secret recipe cooking process and is embraced by most species.
    Pro Cure Last Supper Egg CurePro Cure Last Supper Egg Cure is from one of the top fishing guides on the west coast.
    Pro Cure Salmon Egg CurePro Cure Bait Cure for curing Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout Eggs.
    Pro Cure UV Egg CurePro Cure UV egg cure for curing Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout Eggs with added UV color.
    Pro Cure Wizard Egg CurePro Cure Wizard egg cure for salmon, steelhead and trout eggs.
    Pro Cure Bad Azz Bait DyesPro Cure Bait Dyes are the perfect dye for big jobs. Bad Azz fluorescent colors have become legendary.
    Pro-Cure Powdered KrillPro-Cure Powdered Krill is the ultimate marinade for eggs, shrimp, etc. Just sprinkle on baits and let it marinate it. This powder has been tearing up the fall fish when added to egg cures or sprinkled on cured eggs the night before using.
    Pro Cure Monster BitePro Cure Monster Bite is complex blend of powerful amino acids proven to get salmonoids to feed.
    Pro-Cure Slam-ola PowderPro-Cure Slam-ola is a chemical scent powder that is added to your bait. Sprinkle on your cured eggs the night before.
    Pro Cure Sodium Sulfite, Metabisulfite, and NitritePro Cure sodium products are additives used in curing salmon eggs.

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