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Sebile Lures

Sebile Vibrato Jigging Lure

Sebile Vibrato

for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead and anything else that swims

The Sebile Vibrato is a unique lure. The Vibrato has a natural vibrating action. The Vibrato unlike other vibrating lures also vibrates on the fall, when jigged, twitched, or with a steady retrieve like trolling. The constant vibrating action is due to the construction of the lure. Power jigging is made easy and effortless thanks to the unique approach of making the bait flutter on the fall and vibrate on the pull to mimic a wounded baitfish. The Slow flutter rate on the fall created a lot of flash and disturbance which allows the angler to target suspended predators by letting the Vibrato drop and jumping with vibration from time to time. Large weight range permits the angler to fish at any depth desired. The Vibrato has a natural baitfish shape and has holographic finishes.

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