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Shark Cannonball Downrigger Weights

shark cannonball downrigger weights

As a downrigger fishing weight, the Chrome Shark downrigger weight is the most effective cannonball ever made, its ability to track perfectly in deep water is unparalleled. But more importantly the Chrome Shark has emerged as a top contender against the leading attractors. The Shark cannonball is designed to attract fish to your lure from distances well beyond their visual range. It accomplishes this by targeting the lateral line of game fish, functioning on several levels; by creating and transforming energy into signals similar to those produced by baitfish. The highly polished concave facets on the sides of the Chrome Shark are the key to this ability.

The Shark downrigger weight transforms light and sound by means of reflection. These signals are bounced off the Shark's surface and are splintered into a starburst array. The Shark downrigger weight also creates a unique two stage sonic signature as it cuts through water. A fish shaped pressure wave is generated by the Shark downrigger weight as it displaces water, signalling predator fish activity. Adding to this picture, the facets themselves generate a massive vortex disturbance that is left trailing in the slip stream. The Shark downrigger weight maintains a field of electrical energy around it by discharging static electricity. Salmon become very stimulated when they encounter these signals, causing them to swim towards the Shark cannonball. As the salmon come within range, they are bombarded by all the signals going off at the same time and become even more excited until they literally run into your lure attached to a short lead.

All game fish have a lateral line running down each side of their bodies serving as their primary method of finding food in the murky depths. This amazing sensory system is packed with electro and mechanical receptors that are able to pick up a wide range of faint underwater signals from great distances. Some scientists believe a salmon can detect the heartbeat of a baitfish at two feet. The facets on the Shark downrigger weight generate signals specifically designed to target the lateral lines of salmon and other game fish.

In nature, when predator fish encounter a school of bait fish, they immediately start circling the school, drawing them into a densely packed "bait ball". They will then charge through the ball devouring as many fish as they can. Charter captains from around the world have watched the underwater videos of the encounters between the Chrome Shark and the salmon, and have commented this excited behaviour is remarkably similar to the way salmon behave when they encounter a school of baitfish. They have concluded the most reasonable explanation for this phenomenon is that the salmon must think the facetted Shark is a school of baitfish.

Your Shark cannonball downrigger weight will stay right under your boat where you can see it on your video screen. You must be able to place your lure at the exact depth you mark individual fish. The problem with the round ball is they swing back so far your transducer can't pick them up. Then you are just shooting blind. The angle theory isn't going to help you because you don't know the direction of the currents down there. Wrong depth - No Fish! Sharks have less swing back, they stay right under your boat where you can see them! Place them at exactly the depth you are marking fish every time!

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