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Shimano Talora Trolling Rods

The Talora Salmon and Trout trolling rods by Shimano are excellent choices for downrigger, dipsy diver, planer board, wireline and leadcore fishing. The combination of a Talora Rod and a Tekota Reel gives anglers a system that is easy to use, durable and extremely effective in pursuit of game fish. The Talora rod series is built with Shimano TC4 Constuction, designed to be durable and bring your fishing experience to a new level.

No International Shipments of these rods

TLA80MH2Shimano Talora Rods - Dipsy Diver - TLA80MH2

two piece rod
TLA80M2Shimano Talora Rods - Downrigger Planer Board - TLA80M2

two piece rod
TLA86M2Shimano Talora Rods - Downrigger Planer Board - TLA86M2

two piece rod
TLA80MC2Shimano Talora Rods - Leadcore Copper - TLA80MC2

two piece rod
TLA80MRGShimano Talora Rods - Wireline Roller - TLA80MRG

two piece rod

No International Shipments of these rods

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