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Silver Horde

Silver Horde Ace Hi Trolling Plugs
5 inches long

Silver Horde Ace Hi Trolling Plugs
Silver Horde made the first plastic trolling plugs introducing them in 1948. They quickly became the top choice of the Pacific Northwest commercial trolling fleet. All Silver Horde trolling plugs are hand made and manufactured from high impact plastic and equipped with corrosion resistant rigging and super sharp hooks. The Ace Hi features a strong fixed position hook and key arrangement. This style plug is slender and can be trolled at higher speeds. The knotched front gives an erratic darting action to the plug.

The pictures shown below are for the Silver Horde Trolling Plugs. The Ace Hi Plugs have a knotch in the nose of the plug. The color patterns are the same.

SH-000456Silver Horde Ace Hi - #000456

UV Mylar Spectra Chartreuse Blue Back
SH-999504Silver Horde Ace Hi - #999504

Double Glow Black Ladderback
SH-999522Silver Horde Ace Hi - #999522

Double Glow Blue Splatter Back
SH-999535Silver Horde Ace Hi - #999535

Double Glow Green Black Scale Back
SH-999970Silver Horde Ace Hi - #999970

UV Green Splatter Back on Chrome

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