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Snaps, Swivels, and Terminal Tackle

    Opti Terminal TackleOpti terminal tackle, swivels, corkscrew swivels, tackle.
    P-Line Duramax SwivelsP-line dura-max swivels are engineered to avoid line twisting. The three high speed rolling sections of the swivels eliminate line twist in most fishing applications.
    Salmon Angler Bulk Premium Ball Bearing Snap SwivelsThe Salmon Angler bulk premium ball bearing snap swivels have welded rings. The ball bearing snap swivels have a smooth action that can virtually eliminate line twist
    Sampo Ball Bearing SwivelsSampo Ball Bearing Swivels
    SPRO Power SwivelSPRO Power Swivels are 1.5 times stronger than standard barrel swivels despite their tiny appearance.
    SPRO Three Way Swivel
    Thundermist T-Turn SwivelThundermist T-turn three way swivels have full 360 degree rotation to minimize tangles and line twist.

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