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Using spawn sacs when fishing for Salmon, Trout, or Steelhead is a technique that requires advance preparation. You must make several finshed spawn sacs ready for a days fishing spawn sacs for use during a days fishing. When making spawn sacs for steelhead and Rainbow Trout, the size I prefer is dime size or smaller. The colors that I prefer for steelhead are orange, pink, or orange mixed with pink. Spawn sacs tied with red, chartreuse, white and even blue material are also very popular. Sometimes spawn sac floaters, 1 or two Styrofoam beads are added to each spawn sack. When using Chinook salmon eggs 2 or 3 floaters are added to each spawn sac, because of the larger eggs. Adding the spawn sac floaters helps give the spawn sac a more neutrally buoyant presentation.

Tips for tying spawn sacs and using spawn sacks can be found by following the links at the bottom of this page.
    Atlas Spawn Sack ProductsAtlas spawn sack kits, materials, floaters, and magic thread. Salmon or Trout egg spawn sacks are one of the most effective baits for enticing Salmon, Steelhead and Trout to bite.
    Fish n Mania Spawn Sac SquaresFish n Mania spawn sac square material provides a super soft supple material in a variety of colors.
    Redwing Tackle Spawn Sac MaterialsBlackbird Spawn Sac Materials for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead. Including spawn sac netting, sac floaters, and spider thread.
    Spawnee Spawn Sack MachineSpawnee spawn sac materials and the Spawnee spawn sack machine is the ultimate machine for making spawn sacks.

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making spawn sacks,
collecting eggs and roe,
curing and preserving
Salmon or Trout Eggs

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