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Squid Trolling Baits

Squid Baits
A deadly meal to all salmon and trout. These squid baits have a frantic, darting movments, these baits have vivacious tentacle tails and inviting hand painted eyes fish can not resist. Made of extra strong vinyl with a hard head insert. Rigged with two 4/0 nickel Octopus hooks that are tied with 40 lb. test leader. The squids are 4 1/2 inches long.
SQDR20Squid Rigged - White

SQDR22Squid Rigged - Black Purple Glow

SQDR25Squid Rigged - Mexican Flag

SQDR26Squid Rigged - Glitter Glow

SQDR27Squid Rigged - Blue Chartreuse Glow

SQDR29Squid Rigged - Chartreuse

SQDR30Squid Rigged - Blue Scale Chartreuse

SQDR31Squid Rigged - Bubblegum

SQDR32Squid Rigged - Orange Scale Hot Pink

SQDR34Squid Rigged - Blue Green

SQDR36Squid Rigged - Hot Pink

SQDR38Squid Rigged - Army Truck

SQDR39Squid Rigged - Black Glow

SQDR40Squid Rigged - Brown Splatter Back Orange Glow

SQDR48Squid Rigged - Red Splatter Back Chartreuse Glow

SQDR51Squid Rigged - Glow in the Dark

SQDR52Squid Rigged - Purple Haze


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