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Steelhead Dreams:
Updated 12 Year Anniversary Edition

book by Matt Supinski

Steelhead Dreams by Matt Supinski

All you need to become a better steelhead fly fisherman, including: steelhead biology and habitat; reading and mastering the waters where they thrive; steelhead habits; techniques for all 4 seasons; effective presentations; tackle; and more.

Screaming runs, big, thrashing jumps, relentless power, it's no wonder steelheading is an obsession for so many anglers. Includes best fly styles, casting tips, Great Lakes steelhead fisheries, tying tips, and more. If you are addicted to steelhead or look forward to becoming so, you must read this book to learn all you need to know about this wondrous fish and the techniques for catching them.

Soft Cover; Full color; 8.5x11 inches, 144 pgs.

SDSteelhead Dreams Book by Matt Supinski


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