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Thundermist T-Turn Swivel

Full 360 degree rotation
minimize line twist

Thundermist T-Turn Swivel

The Thundermist T-Turn swivels contain 3 high quality, smooth performing, rolling swivels, which minimize line twist and maximize action.

A premium black nickel finish is camouflaged and great in both fresh water and salt water.

Whether casting, drifting or trolling, fishing from a boat or shore, the T-Turn swivel helps keep your line tangle free, even in varying strong currents which keeps your 3-way connection neat and perfect every time.

Each package contains 3 swivels.

TM-35Thundermist T-turn Swivel 35 LB

TM-55Thundermist T-turn Swivel 55 LB

TM-85Thundermist T-turn Swivel 85 LB


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