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Torpedo Roller Guide Rod Tip

Torpedo Roller Guide Rod Tip
Torpedo Roller Guide Rod Tips are designed for wire, copper and lead core fishing lines. The Torpedo Roller Tip rotates so that the wire stays in the center of the roller avoiding line breakage when fishing line gets caught in between the roller and the housing. A small guide is placed just before the roller to help ensure the line goes onto the center of the roller. A second guide is placed where the line comes off to also help steer the line. The whole tip swivels 120 degrees for when a fish is near the boat and makes a run to the sides. And through all this we kept all the tolerances tight.

Installation is easy, remove old rod tip. Clean lacquer off 1 inch of rod. Test the width of the roller guide to your rod. If roller guide fits: Use epoxy or hot glue in the end of the roller guide tube and coat the end of your rod. Attach and line up the roller guide with your rod's guides. If using hot glue heat to allow the glue to flow. Hold in place until cool. If roller guide is too large: Secure the shrink tubing to your rod tip by heating it into place. Proceed as per the above instructions.
TRGTorpedo Roller Guide Rod Tip


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