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Trolling Flies used for Salmon and Trout

Trolling flies used with a dodger or flasher is a popular fishing technique used on Lake Michigan for catching salmon and trout. The dodger or flasher gives action to the trolling fly, causing the fly to flutter and weave thru the water. This action gives the fly the appearance that a salmon or trout (the dodger or flasher) is chasing a bait fish.
    Salmon Trolling FliesSalmon Trolling flies used behind a dodger or flasher for catching salmon and trout
    Salmon Trolling Fly (Bodies)Salmon Trolling Fly (Bodies). These are unrigged salmon trollling flies bodies only, you supply the line, beads and hook. Quanity discounts are available.
    Peanut FliesPeanut flies are used trolled behind either a dodger or flasher. They can be used with a variety of trolling techniques.
    Midget Trolling FliesMidget Trolling Flies are used trolled behind either a dodger or flasher. They can be used with a variety of trolling techniques.
    Lake Trout Spin-n-glow RigsTrophy Tournament tested Lake Trout Spin-n-glo Rigs
    Cheddar FlyCheddar Flies have been one of the staple trolling flies used for salmon and trout on Lake Michigan for years.
    Howie Fly Trolling FliesFor over 30 years, Howie's Tackle has been making "The Original Howie Fly". This little fly has been hammering record breaking salmon, trout and steelhead all over the Midwest for all those years.
    Moonshine Lures Trolling FliesMoonshine trolling flies are some of the brightest glowing flies available.
    Pacific Bucktail Trolling FliesPacific Bucktail trolling flies have a life like iridescent, mother of pearl head that glows and the sparkle and flash created by the aurora bucktail that make these flies a perfect natural bait imitation.
    Trolling Bucktails and Hoochies BookTrolling bucktail flies is an exciting and productive method of catching salmon. Colegrave explains the technique and Gaunt shows sportsmen how to catch salmon with hoochies.

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