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Warrior Lures
Flutter Trolling Spoons
3 1/2 inches long
For Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye and Trout

Warrior Lures Trolling Spoons

Warrior Lures Flutter Trolling spoons are custom painted and deadly for Walleye, Steelhead, Trout, and Salmon. The trolling spoons are machined from brass and plated in silver, gold, or copper for maximum flash and shine and then painted in a variety of color patterns. Every spoon is individually hand painted. All spoons include the appropriately sized treble hook.

WFL-05GWarrior Flutter Spoon - Chicken Wing

WFL-06GWarrior Flutter Spoon - Green Gobie

WFL-07GWarrior Flutter Spoon - Brown Gobie

WFL-10SWarrior Flutter Spoon - Clown

WFL-24GWarrior Flutter Spoon - Wicked Witch

WFL-28GWarrior Flutter Spoon - Gold Steelhead Candy

Gold Spoon
WFL-28SWarrior Flutter Spoon - Silver Steelhead Candy

Silver Spoon
WFL-40SWarrior Flutter Spoon - Riverside

WFL-42SWarrior Flutter Spoon - Hey Babe

WFL-43SWarrior Flutter Spoon - Lemon Ice

WFL-44SWarrior Flutter Spoon - Sister Sledge

WFL-45SWarrior Flutter Spoon - Court Jester

WFL-149SWarrior Flutter Spoon - UV Orange Peel

UV reflective
WFL-151SWarrior Flutter Spoon - UV Net Results

UV reflective
WFL-155SWarrior Flutter Spoon - UV Far Out


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