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Warrior Lures
Standard Trolling Spoons
4 inches long
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

Warrior Lures Trolling Spoons

Warrior Lures Trolling spoons are custom painted and deadly for Steelhead, Trout, and Salmon. The trolling spoons are machined from brass and plated in silver for maximum flash and shine and then painted in a variety of color patterns. Every spoon is individually hand painted. The standard and magnum sized spoons include a split ring on each end to improve the action of the spoon. All spoons include the appropriately sized treble hook.

WST-010Warrior Spoon Standard - Bloody Babe

WST-031Warrior Spoon Standard - Blue Dragon Slayer

WST-006Warrior Spoon Standard - Blue Green Dolphin

WST-025Warrior Spoon Standard - Double Glow

WST-026Warrior Spoon Standard - Double Orange Crush

WST-029Warrior Spoon Standard - Dragon Slayer

WST-052Warrior Spoon Standard - Firecracker

WST-002Warrior Spoon Standard - Golden Dolphin

WST-007Warrior Spoon Standard - Green Alewife

WST-009Warrior Spoon Standard - Hey Babe

WST-083Warrior Spoon Standard - Hey Babe Striper

WST-028Warrior Spoon Standard - Jelly Bean

WST-001Warrior Spoon Standard - Lemon Ice

WST-014Warrior Spoon Standard - Mixed Veggies

WST-050Warrior Spoon Standard - Natural Born Slayer

WST-071Warrior Spoon Standard - Orange Crush

WST-008Warrior Spoon Standard - Purple Alewife

WST-063Warrior Spoon Standard - Purple Frog

WST-082Warrior Spoon Standard - Riverside

WST-077Warrior Spoon Standard - Rug Burn

WST-004Warrior Spoon Standard - Sister Sledge

WST-049Warrior Spoon Standard - Sledge Hammer

WST-080Warrior Spoon Standard - Steelhead Candy


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