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Waterproof Decorating Tape

Waterproof decorating tape can be used to customize and decorate dodgers, flashers, trolling spoons, and other lures. Remove the existing tape. The glue residue can be removed with WD-40 or any commercial glue remover. Then clean the dodger with window cleaner and let completely dry. Cut the tape to your desired shape or pattern and apply to the cleaned surface. Click for custom shape ideas.

Each package contains two - 2 inch by 7 inch pieces of tape.
tape-g01Waterproof Tape Glitter - Silver

tape-g02Waterproof Tape Glitter - Gold

tape-g03Waterproof Tape Glitter - Dark Blue

tape-g05Waterproof Tape Glitter - Red

tape-g06Waterproof Tape Glitter - Orange

tape-g07Waterproof Tape Glitter - Yellow Gold

tape-g08Waterproof Tape Glitter - Light Blue

tape-g09Waterproof Tape Glitter - Black

tape-g11Waterproof Tape Glitter - Chartreuse

tape-g12Waterproof Tape Glitter - Pink


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