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atlas mikes

Zekes Sierra Gold Floating Trout Bait
from Atlas Mikes
for Steelhead, Trout, and Salmon

Zekes Sierra Gold Floating Trout Bait features a special combination of scents, amino acids, glitter and vibrant colors. The bait has a soft, but very elastic texture that molds easily and holds on to your hook. The trout bait will not wash off your hook. Powerful flavors and scents slowly release into the surrounding water to attract steelhead, trout and salmon. Zekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait is packaged in 1.5 ounce jar.

Zekes-CHZekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait - Chartreuse

Zekes-CCZekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait - Creme Corn

Zekes-PkZekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait - Pink

Zekes-RBZekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait - Rainbow

Zekes-RZekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait - Red

Zekes-SPZekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait - Salmon Peach

Zekes-SGZekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait - Spring Green

Zekes-YZekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait - Yellow


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