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Lake Michigan Ice Fishing

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Ice Fishing Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes
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     Friday, April 10, 2020
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Ice Fishing at dawn in a marina on Lake Michigan
Shelf ice and floating ice on Lake Michigan Ice Fishing activities for Lake Michigan and most of the other the Great Lakes are limited to the many bays, harbors, and marinas located along the shoreline. The northernmost harbors and marinas are the first each year to freeze with safe ice. The Bays along the northern rim of the lakes are the next areas to freeze each year. As winter progresses marinas and harbors further south begin to freeze. The main lake basins generally do not freeze solid enough to permit Ice fishing or safe travel. Shelf ice does form along the shoreline on most years. The shelf ice is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

Ice Fishing the Great Lakes in the early hours before dawn on a cold winter's morning is a true adventure. Setting lines before dawn in the brisk cold can be a daunting task. As dawn first breaks, you welcome the day Boulders in 20 feet of waterwith a spectacular sunrise. That early morning bite can be legendary. The hour before and after sunrise, many days provides the majority of the fishing activity for the day. As the sun rises, light penetration thru the ice and holes in the ice can make the fish more wary. Mid day ice fishing requires the use of a variety of more stealthy tactics. The water clarity of the Great Lakes has changed dramatically in the past decade. Twenty years ago you could stand in the water on the beach ankle deep and barely see your toes. Now water visibility is up to 20-30 feet deep. This increase in water clarity has increased weed beds and created more available structure and cover for many species of fish.
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