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Lake Michigan Ice Fishing

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Landing a large Trout Ice Fishing

     Friday, April 10, 2020
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Landing large trout, ice fishing requires teamwork. One angler hooks and fights the fish. Another angler gaffs and lifts the fish onto the ice.

fighting a large trout ice fishing   Step 1
Fighting large trout fish ice fishing. The angler stands up and tries to keep the fishing line from rubbing against the side of the ice hole. The side of the ice fishing hole can have small chips of ice that will cut monofilament fishing line easily.
another angler arrives with an ice gaff   Step 2
Another angler arrives with an ice fishing gaff. The other angler stands at the side of the ice hole with the gaff away from the hole. Notice that the other angler does not cast a shadow on the ice fishing hole which would obscure visability.
gaff away from the hole   Step 3
The gaff is kept away from the hole during the fighting of the fish.
ready to land the trout   Step 4
The fishes head is now approaching the ice fishing hole. The gaff is positioned near the hole. When the fishes head appears at the hole, the lower jaw of the fish is punctured with the gaff.
lifting a large brown trout ice fishing   Step 5
The large brown trout is lifted with the gaff onto the ice.
Large Brown Trout caught Ice Fishing.   Step 6
Large Brown Trout caught Ice Fishing.

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