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Lake Michigan Ice Fishing

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Ice Fishing with Tube Jigs for Brown Trout

     Friday, April 10, 2020
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Ice Fishing with Tube Jigs for Brown Trout
Jigging with tube jigs for trout is a highly effective Ice Fishing presentation technique. Berkley Power Bait 1 inch Atomic tubes or Atomic Teasers have the scent and action to catch fish. The undulating tail on the Atomic Teasers is an added attractor for vary trout. Tubes that lack imbedded scent are always Tube jig trouttipped with Power Bait Wigglers, Power Eggs, Power Bait Trout Worms or Live Wax worms. The added scent will help the fish hold onto the bait for a second or two so you can set the hook. The tubes are mounted on either a 1/32 or 1/16 tube jig head. The jig head is totally encased inside the tube jig body with only the hook and eye of the jig exposed. Favorite colors for the tube body include: White, Pearl, Glow in the dark, Chartreuse and Green Chartreuse. Favorite colors of Atomic Teasers are Pearl White, Dirty White, Gold Silver Fleck, Green Gold, and Spring Fry. The jig is tied to a 30 inch fluorocarbon leader of 8 or 10 pound test. The leader is tied to a SPRO Power swivel (size 10). Tube jig trout and tipped tube jig The spinning motion of the jig will cause really bad line twist if you do not use a small swivel. The SPRO Power swivel is tied to your fishing line, we like to use 10 to 12 pound test Power Pro or Spiderwire. Lower the jig into the water and drop the jig to the bottom. Reel up the jig a few feet. Simply raise and twitch the jig, which will cause a circular spinning motion on the drop. After jigging several times, stop and hold the jig in a stable position for about 30 seconds. If you are using a flasher or depth finder and see a fish approach, stop jigging. Most hits will occur when the bait stops and hangs motionless. Set the hook immediately.
Ice Fishing for Trout with Tube Jigs

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