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     Friday, April 10, 2020
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The Crowbar was used in the past. The rig consist of a large hook with two holes in the shaft and a metal pin with a fine copper wire attached. The hook is pushed thru the bait from the back of the fish thru the mouth. Then the metal pin is pushed thru the head of the bait thru the second hole in the hook shaft. The copper wire is then used to wrap around the bait. The rig is attached to the fishing line with a snap swivel thru the first hole on the hook.

Circle Hooks

The State of California, now requires the use of Barbless 5/0 circle hooks when fishing for Salmon with bait.

Tru-Roll Baiter

The Tru-Roll Baiter was popular in the 1970's. The rig can still be found in tackle shops on the west coast. The rig comes with a leader with a large hook attached to a swivel, rubberband, bead chain swivel, and the bait holder. The bait holder has teeth to hold the bait, then the rubberband secures the bait holder closed. Tuning of the bait is accomplished by inserting the hook in the bait and placing a slight bend in the bait.

Properly rigged Tru-Roll Baiter:

Tru-Roll Baiter
Tru-Roll Baiter

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