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Trolling with Bait and Cut Bait:
Bait Rigs: Rhys Davis

     Sunday, April 05, 2020
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Rhys Davis Strip Holders

The Rhys Davis bait holders are made by Rhys Davis Ltd. located in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. The bait holders are available in more than 20 different colors and several different sizes. The different bait holders can be used for whole anchovy, whole alewife, whole smelt, whole herring (red or green tray), or cut bait strips. Rhys Davis also makes precision cut herring strips for their bait holders in several sizes.

Rhys Davis

The Rhys Davis bait rig comes with a leader with a single trebble hook and the bait head. The whole bait or cut bait strip is inserted into the bait head, toothpicks are needed to secure the bait in the bait head and to adjust the leader length from the bait holder to the hook). The bait head requires tuning to acheive the proper rolling motion. Tuning is preformed by bending the flat portion of the plastic bait holder. The more severe the bend the faster the rotation. Some people have been known to heat the bait holders and mold them to the curved side of beer cans.

Rhys Davis Bait Holder Rhys Davis Bait Holder

The bait holder in the center has been bent to provide more action.

Twinkie Rig

The Twinkie Rig is a modification to the standard Rhys Davis rig. The Twinkie Rig comes with a bead chain swivel, three large mylar teasers, leader with a single trebble hook and the bait head.

Properly rigged Rhys Davis Strip Holder:

Rhys Davis
Rhys Davis
Rhys Davis

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