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Baits for Dodgers and Flashers

     Sunday, April 05, 2020
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There are many types of baits and lures used
with dodgers and flashers.

Below are some of the more popular types used on Lake Michigan.

Trolling Flys made with Bucktail, Mylar Tinsel, and Maraboo. Styles: Radiant Bucktails, Carlson Flys, Dubin Flys, G Flys, GOS Flys, Horse Flys, Howie Flys, Peanut Flys, Stinger Flys, Teaser Flys, Trust Me Flys, and Tri Flys to name a few of the the many styles.


Hoochies or Squids from: Luhr Jensen, Michigan Squids, Silver Horde, Tyee Tackle, and Yozuri.


Trolling Spoons from: Diamond King, Northern King, ProKing, Pro Shiner, Silver Streak, and others.


Cut bait, Whole baits, and strip baits made from herring, alewife, anchovy, smelt, and other baits.

narrows deceptors

Narrows DeceptorsTM the only lure to duplicate the action of whole and cut plug herring can also be used behind dodgers and flashers.

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