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Modifing the action of Trolling Flys

     Sunday, April 05, 2020
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Many things can be changed to modify or alter the action of Trolling Flys:
  • For faster action shorten the leader between the dodger or flasher and the fly.
  • For slower action lengthen the leader between the dodger or flasher and the fly.
  • Using heavier line for the leader increase the action to the fly.
  • Different types of hooks will give slightly different actions. Trebble vs Single hooks because of water resistance.
  • Different types of knots will give slightly different actions. Snelled trebble hooks give a more erratic action to the fly, because of the offset nature of the knot. Knots that rest on the top of the hook eye give a more stable action.
  • Adding weight to the hook (split shot, piece of worm, piece of squid, etc) will give the fly a more erratic action.

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