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Downrigger Setup and Installation

     Sunday, April 05, 2020
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Start your planning for downriggers by asking yourself several basic questions:

How many downriggers do you plan to have?
Two, Four, Six?

Two downriggers Four downriggers Six downriggers

Will you attach them directly to the boat?

penn downrigger cannon downrigger walker downrigger

If you can not reach inside the boat where the screws or bolts will attach the downrigger mounting plate, you might need to install a mounting board or bar.

walker downrigger walker downrigger big jon downrigger

Sometimes there is nothing solid to mount the downrigger plate on and unique installations must be done.

  big jon downrigger

Mounting a side mounted downrigger on a swivel plate.

step 1
Step 1
Read the directions. Most companies have very helpful tips on how to install their downriggers.
step 2
Step 2
Measure where you plan to place the downrigger. It helps to actually have someone hold it in position to make sure it does not interfere with other equiptment on the boat.
step 3
Step 3
Drill the holes making sure that you will not be drilling thru wires or cables.
step 4
Step 4
Install the bolts to hold the downrigger in position.
step 5
Step 5
Install the downrigger on the base.
step 6
Step 6
Side mounted downriggers with long booms cause a lot of stress on the mounting plate. Make sure the bolts are secure.
step 7
Step 7
This downrigger was mounted on a swivel plate to allow it to be placed backwards when not in use. Notice how it rests next to the rear downrigger.
step 8
Step 8
Ready to fish.

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