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Lake Michigan Shore, Surf and Harbor Fishing Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Articles and Information How to store Nightcrawler worms

     Friday, April 10, 2020
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Properly stored nightcrawler worms can be kept alive for several weeks. Refrigeration or cool temperatures are required.

nightcrawler storage kit   Step 1
Several commercially available Styrofoam containers and kits are available to store worms.
nightcrawler kit with bedding   Step 2
This particular kit includes worm bedding.
worm bedding   Step 3
The worm bedding included is made from ground up newspaper.
distilled water   Step 4
Distilled water is used to mix with the worm bedding. Do not use water with chlorine, it will kill the worms.
adding water to worm bedding   Step 5
Follow the directions on the worm bedding. A quart of water is added to the bedding. Then mix the water with the worm bedding.
mixed worm bedding   Step 6
Mix the bedding and water with your hand. Do not let the bedding get too wet.
squeeze worm bedding to determine moisture content   Step 7
Squeeze a handful of the worm bedding. If water drips, the bedding is too wet. Then more dry bedding should be added to absorb the excess water.
adding worms to worm bedding   Step 8
Several dozen nightcrawlers are placed on top of the worm bedding. Do not stir or mix the worms into the bedding.
covering with damp paper towels   Step 9
Place damp paper towels on top of the worm bedding. Add the cover and set aside for a few hours.
checking for damaged worms   Step 10
After a few hours, remove the paper towels and check for worms that have not crawled into the bedding. Any worm that did not crawl into the bedding should be removed.
replace cover   Step 11
Replace the cover and store the container in a refrigerator or cool location.
Proper refrigerated storage is required to keep the nightcrawlers in top condition. Any damaged worms should be removed immediately and discarded.

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