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Lake Michigan Shore, Surf and Harbor Fishing Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Articles and Information Using Berkley Powerbait Micros for Trout Fishing Technique

     Friday, April 03, 2020
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Using Berkley Powerbait Micros for Trout

Using Berkley Powerbait Micros for Trout

Trout feed on a variety of aquatic insects and creatures. From early life when first stocked thru their entire life span trout feed on nymphs, insects, small crawfish and small baits. Perfectly sized for small hooks and jigs, Powerbait Micros are an excellent choice for any light tackle rigging or finesse style presentation. Though designed for smaller fish such as crappie and pan fish, they may also be fished with larger species, rainbow trout, brown trout, and steelhead. Power Bait Micros eliminate the mess and refrigeration of working with real grubs or maggots. And with Berkley special scent and flavor enhanced Power Bait formula, you can be sure that these little baits pack plenty of power. Available in a number of enticing shapes and sizes, Power Bait Micros are simply a great addition for light tackle rigging.
Using Berkley Powerbait Micros for Trout
The Rigging examples and techniques for fishing berkley powerbait micros for trout is located on our web page at: Tube Jigging for Trout and Salmon Technique
Berkley Micro Nymphs, next to micro tubes are my personal favorite. Berkley Micro Nymph The overall length of the nymph body is 1 inch. The tentacles and legs which extend another inch, really flutter with an enticing action when this bait drops thru the water. There are several natural color patterns that have worked well: Toad, Smoke, Green Chartreuse and Olive Shad. Many a steelhead and rainbow trout has also inhaled the brighter colors: Chartreuse, Pink Shad and Yellow / Orange. The interesting thing is that sometimes you never know what is going to hit this bait. It could be a large perch, crappie, bass or a 12 pound steelhead.
Berkley Micro Craw, Berkley Micro Craw The overall length of the body is 1 inch. The claws and legs extend another half inch. When using a jig try to hook lightly thru the top of the craw bait, inserting the hook 1/2 way between the tail and the head and come out near the head. Hooking the bait this way seems to give the maximum action. Remember that crawfish swim backwards when trying to escape a predator.

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