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to set your float from shore

     Friday, April 10, 2020
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Fishing floats for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead
Typical Lake Michigan Harbor with boat ramps
When using a slip float, determining the proper depth to set your bait in most harbors or from shore can be challenging. Usually there are no visible clues as to the depth of the water you are fishing. Healthy Salmon, Trout and Steelhead seldom swim near the surface in the shallow waters of most harbors. They generally will seek the comfort that deeper water provides. Placing your bait 1-2 feet above the bottom is a very effective technique.

a weight is added to your hook   Step 1
Using a slip float setup a weight is added to your hook. The weight should be large enough to sink the float. The weight should be tied loosely to your fishing line to prevent loss of the weight.
setting a slip float   Step 2
Slide the bobber stop above the float to give several feet of line below the float.
lower the float   Step 3
Lower the float and weight attached to your hook into the water.
adding salmon egg oil to salmon eggs   Step 4
If the float sinks below the water, keep adjusting the bobber stop to increase the amount of fishing line below the bobber stop. When the float is only 1-2 feet below the surface, you have determined the proper depth. Remove the weight from your fishing hook and start fishing.
Prior to removing the weight most fishermen will test the water in the immediate area where you are fishing to determine the bottom structure. Placing your bait 1-2 feet above the bottom is a very effective technique.

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