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Trolling with Bait, Cutbait or Cut Bait rigs for Salmon and Trout

     Friday, April 03, 2020
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Why use Bait or Cut Bait to catch Salmon?

anchovy alewife
Fishing with Bait or Cut Bait to catch Salmon is one of the most popular fishing techniques in use today. Fishing with Bait is the prime technique for catching Salmon on the West Coast from California north to Alaska. In the past few years, fishing with cut bait rigs has become the late summer and fall fishing tactic of choice on Lake Ontario. Most of the Top Salmon that win contest on Lake Ontario are caught using cut bait and bait tactics. The new "ALL Tackle" World record Coho Salmon was caught on Lake Ontario using cut bait.
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General Tips and Information
Bait: Alewife and Smelt Bait: Anchovy and Herring Bait: Other Bait Options
Bait: Where to get it? Bait Usage The Correct Bait Action
Bait Rigs: Cut Plug Bait Rigs: Whole Bait Bait Rigs: Bechhold Bullet Bait Holder
Bait Rigs: Krippled Herring Bait Rigs: Luhr Jensen Herring Aid Bait Rigs: Other Rigs
Bait Rigs: Rhys Davis Bait Rigs: Salmon Angler Bait Rigs: Scotty / Pro-Troll Rotary Salmon Killer

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