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Information on Trolling Spoons

     Friday, April 03, 2020
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Trolling Spoons used to catch Salmon
and Trout on the Great Lakes

Dreamweaver, Coyote, Diamond King, Gold Star, Northern King, Pro King, Pro Shiner, Silver Streak
Trolling spoons are popular on Lake Michigan when fishing for Salmon and Trout: Dreamweaver, Coyote, Diamond King, Gold Star, Northern King, Mauler, Michigan Stinger, Pro King, Pro Shiner, R&R, Silver Streak, and others. Each company has a number of different paint schemes. Some of the unique paint schemes have their own names or nicknames. When viewing fishing reports the names of the companys can also be abreviated ( NK = Northern King, DW = Dreamweaver, etc). These abreviations and nicknames can be very confusing for the average fisherman. The links below can be used to identify some of those nicknames with the color paint scheme.
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  • Dream Weaver Spoons
  • Michigan Stinger Spoons
  • Northern King Spoons
  • R&R Tackle Spoons
  • Silver Streak Spoons
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