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Launching a Kayak from a harbor rock wall

     Friday, April 10, 2020
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Launching a kayak from a rocky wall in a harbor or marina is sometimes required. Access to most harbors and marinas is usually posted. If in doubt ask the harbormaster if access is allowed.

launching a kayak   Step 1
The kayak is carefully moved from your vehicle down the rocks to the water. All fishing gear and equipment must be loaded into the kayak.
launching a kayak   Step 2
Chest waders help not getting wet when entering the kayak from the rocks.
launching a kayak   Step 3
Carefully enter the kayak into a seated position.
launching a kayak   Step 4
Use your paddle to push off from the rocks.
launching a kayak   Step 5
Paddle to the area you would like to start fishing.
Fall trophy Brown Trout caught from a kayak.   Step 6
Fall trophy Brown Trout caught casting a crankbait from a kayak.

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