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Loading a kayak on top of a car

     Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Loading a kayak on to the roof of a car is not as difficult as many would assume. Several aids help make the task easier.

loading a kayak   Step 1
Beach the kayak on a safe area.
loading a kayak   Step 2
Remove all fishing gear and equipment from the kayak and store in your vehicle.
loading a kayak   Step 3
Many kayak manufactures have loading wheels available to aid in moving kayaks. The wheels fit under the body of the kayak.
loading a kayak   Step 4
Pull the kayak to your vehicle.
loading a kayak   Step 5
Raise the bow or front of the kayak to the roof line of the car. Many will place a piece of old carpet on top of the car to protect the finish.
loading a kayak   Step 6
Center the kayak on the roof rack. Manufactures have special roof racks available for most kayak models.
loading a kayak   Step 7
Raise the stern or rear end of the kayak. The kayak should be slid forward on the roof rack.
loading a kayak   Step 8
The kayak is now positioned on top of the vehicle.
loading a kayak   Step 9
Tie down straps are used to secure the kayak to the roof rack. Several tie down straps are used in the middle and at both ends of the kayak to secure to the vehicle.
loading a kayak   Step 10
The kayak is ready for the drive home from a successful fishing trip.

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